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Urethane Wheel and Truck Set
    Urethane Wheel and Truck Set
    Purchase Urethane Wheel and Truck Set
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      Urethane Wheel and Truck Set

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    Urethane Fingerboard Bearing Wheels and Truck Set
    Includes 4 Urethane Bearing Fingerboard Wheels (Your Choice of CNC or Cruiser) and a set of 32 or 34mm Shaped Fingerboard Trucks. Your Choice on width and colors.

    Urethane Fingerboard Wheels.

    Here are some of the best urethane wheels on the market, let alone the great price.
    Why would you overpay. They are made right here in the USA, and are available in a ranbow of colors.
    You have a choice of CNC or Cruiser
    The backing on Urethane Wheels are softer.
    Comes with 4 wheel washers and 4 V3 Thread lock nuts.
    Get yours today.

    Here are some very good quality Fingerboard Trucks
    They are single axle and come complete with all the hardware.
    Axle Nuts, Axle Washers, Truck Mounting Screws and a Tool.
    You also receive your choice of Grip Tape, either the solid color skateboard type grip
    or the world famous Good Ass Grip Tape. The best fingerboard grip on the mark