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Urethane Fingerboard O-Rings
    Urethane Fingerboard O-Rings
    Purchase Urethane Fingerboard O-Rings
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      Urethane Fingerboard O-Rings

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    Urethane Fingerboard O-Rings
    Affordable Fingerboard Bushings
    Here is a old idea that we have updated.
    Way back in the beginning all we knew of was Tech Deck.
    Everyone compalined about the ugly color of the bushing.
    So i made up like 12 colors of bushing available.
    Really had no thought of a durometer or hardness.
    They were softer then tech deck and looked much better.
    Well we have just updated to the all new UFO's
    These are available in 4 different durometers for that will let you tune in that perfect feel.
    So we decided to have 4 colors each representing a durometer or hardness.
    White 35a, Blue 50a, Black 60a, and Red 70a