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RD-5 Complete Fingerboard (Stained)
    RD-5 Complete Fingerboard (Stained)
    Purchase RD-5 Complete Fingerboard (Stained)
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      RD-5 Complete Fingerboard (Stained)

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    RD-5 Complete Fingerboard (Stained)
    The RD-5 Fingerboard deck is our best. It is made with a metal mold and a CNC mill for a perfect trimming and drilling of the deck. Each deck is 5 plys of rock hard Canadian maple veneer, and are molded to resemble a real skateboard deck. They are medium/low concave with a medium kick and are available in 30-34mm widths. 32-34mm come with 33mm Shaped Trucks for a $10 upcharge.

    Our complete wood Fingerboards can come fully assembled and ready to go.

    Our fingerboards decks are available in your choice of widths and colors, so you can customize to your desire. Our decks, trucks, wheels, and grips are all made with professional quality, giving the fingerboards a totally realistic look. The shaped fingerboard trucks are exclusive to Roswell's and come fully tuned with our soft doh doh's to offer amazing control. Additionally the decks and trucks that come with our complete wood fingerboard are made exclusively for Roswell's

    Our wheels are single bearing CNC ( Computer Numeric Control). A CNC lathe makes each wheel totally identical, which allows for excellent quality and control.

    Our wood Fingerboards come in 5 different molds and are available in stained, natural, dipped and checkered colors. Unlike other fingerboard company's these are not random choice, you can actually choose the color for the deck, grip tape, truck base, truck hanger, bushings, and CNC bearing wheels. And they now come with a free tool.
    TeakTuning is also available.