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Homies Big Heads Bouncy
    Homies Big Heads Bouncy
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      Homies Big Heads Bouncy

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    Homies Big Heads
    Bouncy is a lot of woman. She has large bouncy breasts and isn't afraid to accent them with tight halter tops and skimpy blouses. She is sexy in a nasty kind of way. All the Homies hit on her just for fun, but she is not interested. There will be hints that she might be gay, but this fact will never actually surface. Bouncy gets alot of big-boob jokes thrown at jer, but she takes it in stride, being proud of her body. Pelon feels she is the ultimate beautiful "chola" and is infatuated with her. She thinks Pelon is cute but never gives him any play. She just uses him. Where Gata is a good girl, Bouncy is bad and loves it.