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Best fingerboard wheels for your setup

Whether you are setting up your brand new board or need to slightly modify an older one, you can’t go without a good set of fingerboard wheels. They are responsible not only for a smooth run and perfect grip but also how your board feels. Quite a vital feature when it comes to fingerboarding, isn’t it? However, because of the endless variety of models available in the market today, one may have a hard time choosing the right set of finger skateboard wheels for his/her setup. With Roswell’s Skateboards, you can leave all these worries behind. We will help you pick the wheels that will last long and give your setup a tremendous boost.

Focusing on the needs of both amateur skaters and pros, we offer many types of fingerboard wheels for sale. At Roswell’s Skateboards we have available, CNC machined, Urethane, Single bearing wheels or the non-bearing wheels like TechDeck in colors. All of them are made of top-quality materials capable of withstanding the heavy use of fingerboarding. and allow you to practice such tricks as a shove-it, spacewalk, nose manual, B-grind, and others. For that reason, our wheels are must-haves for everyone who has a burning craze for fingerboarding.

Which set of fingerboard wheels do you need?

Roswell’s Skateboards is one of those fingerboard wheel companies that has done everything to make your riding realistic. Depending on your skating style, you may be better off modifying your setup with:

  • Single bearing wheels
    These were the first bearing wheels available. They will enhance smoothness and let you fingerboard better. Once you replace your old wheels with single bearing wheels, you will be sure to feel the difference right away.
  • CNC machined wheels
    If you are planning to take part in the Fast Fingers World Championship someday, these wheels are exactly what you need. They are designed to be absolutely identical and feature a faster bearing.
  • Urethane wheels
    For those of you who can’t help trying out new tricks, we offer sets which are made of high-quality urethane. They are the same design as the CNC fingerboard wheels, but have a better grip.
  • Longboard/Cruiser wheels
    We recommend you to buy fingerboard wheels of this type if you want to make your setup look like an old school cruiser. Longboard/Cruiser wheels are also made of urethane but a little wider
  • Wheels with no bearings
    These are replacement TechDeck wheels but available in a rainbow of colors

Order fingerboard wheels online and get a discount

Although you are not required to have an account with Roswell’s Skateboards to order cheap fingerboard wheels, note that you will be able to save more money if you are. We provide special offers and coupon codes only for registered customers. With us, you will stop paying through the nose for top-quality fingerboard parts!

Plus, feel free to select wheel and grip tape colors.