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For a Grip That is Out of this World

Best selection of wooden fingerboards and components

For those of you who have already discovered the all-absorbing quality of fingerboarding, Roswell’s Fingerboards has something special to offer. We provide you with a astonishing lineup of complete finger skateboard setups, decks, tapes, trucks, and wheels. It’s your choice to choose the parts that will enhance control, improve grip, reduce weight, or add to the eye-catching appearance of your equipment. All of our fingerboard decks are professionally finished and made of high-quality Canadian Maple, to make sure skaters can use them for a long time. Sounds too good? Feel free to browse through our website and see that for yourself!   There are millions of skaters who have a craving for fingerboarding. And Roswell’s Skateboards has everything it takes to meet all of their needs. With our professional fingerboards and components, you will be able to enjoy the perfect grip while trying out a myriad of advanced tricks. Even if you are only starting out, be sure to learn how to ollie and kickflip with ease. Our boards are designed to help not only pros to master their skill but beginners to practice the basic maneuvers which may seem difficult at first.

One-stop fingerboard store for all your needs

Long gone are the days when a skater needed a real board to practice new tricks and get an insight into how they are performed. From now on a good fingerboard is perfectly adequate for those purposes. This is when Roswell’s Skateboards comes in. At our website, you will find a wide range of fingerboards online for skilled pros as well as for those who are new to the sport. The extensive lineup of boards and components is not the only thing that makes our store the ideal destination for fingerboard enthusiasts. Here is a list of other benefits offered to you at Roswell’s Skateboards:  
  • High quality and competitive prices for every item in our website.
  • Range of width and color options.
  • Tons of parts for your individual fingerboard needs.
  • Coupon Codes and special offers for registered customers.
  Thus, the Roswell’s Fingerboard store is not only about new complete fingerboards for sale. Here you can also choose the components and hardware items to pimp your fingerboard and make it look awesome.

Buy fingerboard obstacles to develop extraordinary skills

In our lineup, you will also find many fingerboard obstacles, like benches, ramps, and rails that will help you become extremely good at fingerboarding. With these obstacles, you will be able to practice transition, flips, grinds, and vert tricks in the same way as you do with your real board. They are must-have accessories for those who want to better understand and visualize the course of some maneuver. You no longer need to use the kitchen sink when trying out new tricks.   Whether it’s for your collection or an upcoming competition, Roswell’s Skateboards will provide you with the best fingerboard products. Count on us, and we will take care of the rest!
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